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Serving closely held business owners to achieve a balance of culture, inspiration, performance, and sustainable value  for  their organizations. Our ultimate goal is in increasing transferable value such that the owner can create a sustainable legacy and create flexibility to exit on their own terms.


Business ownership is a noble profession.  Owners, and their executive leadership, increase the sum of human welfare by creating jobs, unlocking potential, innovating markets, paying taxes, and expanding our economy.We often witness that an owner’s early success, or rapid growth, does not always equate to ongoing incremental or sustainable value.  Value is often obscured by the lack of corporate governance, internal systems, strategic planning, execution and organizational culture. Growth often yields undesired consequences of reduced cash flow, highly concentrated customers, increased turnover, decreased accountability, decreased customer satisfaction, and a rise of quality assurance issues.  


The owner’s early success and growth often traps them in their business; unable to achieve incremental profitability, attain personal financial freedom or enjoy the flexibility of exiting on their own terms.  We balance planning and execution around building value so that owners can achieve financial freedom, create a sustainable business legacy, and exit on their own terms.

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