happy customers

happy customers




"As an owner of a 96 year old industrial distribution business, it can be a challenge to look objectively at the business and define the right strategies to fuel growth. Balancing heritage and culture with the realities of industry consolidation, competitive pressure, technology advances and economic uncertainty can be daunting. While we’ve been sequentially growing revenue over the last few years, we weren’t seeing the corresponding growth in cash flow and overall profits. We chose FLVC to help us create a strategic plan that will preserved our heritage and evolve our culture while laying out a roadmap to generate profitable growth utilizing the resources we have at hand. 

The experience challenged our executive team to think critically and evaluate all aspects of our business model. We have now clearly defined objective measures of “success” thanks to the process. We can’t afford another “C level” exec with this type of experience, so we've engaged FLVC on a flexible basis to help us in executing the plan piece by piece. It’s been great to see how an objective and seasoned Catalyst can work with our existing leadership team to efficiently move the plan along. I’d highly recommend FLVC to any business owner looking to take their business to another level."



"Shel has been consulting Lawton Connect since 2015 on a monthly basis. His passion, knowledge, and expertise on how to help business sustain profitable growth, and help with the execution of a vision through and name change and rebrand of our 115 year old company is hard to place a value on. Furthermore, he help us establish weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly habits to increase profits, improve culture and ultimately setting us on a path to future success for many years to come. 

Shel is has a great business mind and most importantly he is a great human being! I would strongly encourage any company or business owner looking to grow, improve culture, or increase profits engage his services. We saw a significant ROI on his services in the firrst few months and they continue to compound on a weekly basis..." 


"As we approach the end of the year I am reminded of how blessed and grateful myself and our entire organization is to have met, and be working with Shel. Shel has systematically transformed our company over the last 3 years. His financial background and acumen coupled with decades of C level experience has positioned him to be a dangerous weapon for success to ANY business entity. We will conclude the most successful year in our firms history this year thanks to Shel’s leadership and dedication. As we continue to transition to the next generation of leadership and carefully mold succession planning for our owner to share holder, I am encouraged, excited, and so very blessed to have Shel walk through it all with us. As we approach Thanksgiving I give much thanks to God for allowing our paths to cross and getting to not only work together, but also gain a lifelong friend. I could go on and on about Shel but the bottom line is Shel is a very intelligent, no nonsense, results driven, God fearing man, that can and will transform your company. Whether you are prepping for acquisition, succession planning, growth, or digging out of financial behaviors that have had negative impacts on your company, Shel will drive and achieve results that you can see. The only reason I wouldn’t endorse Shel is for selfish motives!!"



"We engaged Shel 4+ years ago after being referred by another business owner. My initial perception about the engagement was somewhat short term... Almost 5 years later, the value created to our culture, strategic plan, operations, financial, marketing, and overall the digitization of our 88 year old organization has been immeasurable. I'm sure there are "consultants" that offer value, however, the relationship we've created with Shel has been nothing short or exceptional."



"Our company had been growing sequentially each year since 1995 and we knew it was time to bring in a financial strategist. We hired Shel Hart to help take us into the future with a precise strategy plan to better serve ourselves and our clients. His strong leadership and knowledge is second to none. He has a great ability to bring the team members together and bring the ownership mentality to all. I am looking forward to working with Shel over the next year as we maximize our growth potential and profitability. He is very detailed and knows how to get it done!"